The Newspaper Crisis

“A newspaper executive told me a few days ago that some people in the industry hate my continuing coverage of the challenges facing newspapers. For the record, I don’t enjoy writing this stuff any more than newspaper people like reading it. But I do it because I am trying to remind them of the urgent and formidable challenges they face in not just protecting their individual businesses but also in preserving the irreplaceable public trust that newspapers represent.” — Reflections

The real enemies of press freedom are in the newsroom

“It doesn’t matter, the defenders of these papers say: there are plenty of outlets, so balance can be found across the spectrum. But the great majority of papers, local as well as national, are owned by exceedingly rich people or their companies, and reflect their views. The owners, in the words of Max Hastings, once editor of the Daily Telegraph, are members of “the rich men’s trade union”, who “feel an instinctive sympathy for fellow multimillionaires”. The field as a whole is unbalanced.” — The real enemies of press freedom are in the newsroom