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Lab #1

Lab #1 WordPress Blog & LinkedIn Account

Create a WordPress blog and a LinkedIn account. Create a screen capture of your LinkedIn account PROFILE and post the image to your WordPress blog and link the image to your LinkedIn account URL. See the image below for an example of a WordPress blog with an embedded image of a LinkedIn Profile.

Send an e-mail with links to both to with the subject line Lab #1 Submission on or before the due date. Include your blog address (HTML link) in your submission as a clickable link.
Due 11:59 pm Thursday 21 June
Component/Value: Lab 2 points

Here is an example of your first task (lab), and the hardest lab to complete. Create a WordPress blog, create a LinkedIn account, and post an image of your LinkedIn PROFILE to your blog with a link back to your LinkedIn account. Below is an image of my CMN3174 Blog with an embedded image of my LinkedIn profile that is linked back to my LinkedIn account.

You must learn these basic coding skills and master these platforms/tools if you are going to be a communication professional.