Bob Rae and the Permanent Campaign

“One of his central points is about the permanent campaign – how political parties, led by the federal Conservatives, have changed the nature of politics to be more and more based on simplistic slogans driven by ever more polling. ” The Globe and Mail

Also of Note

Bad Timing: How Canada’s Prime Minister Walked Into His Own Electoral Trap

“At one rally, two female reporters were abused later by members of the audience. “You’re a lying piece of shit,” said one man, a propos of nothing, who became known as #AngryCon. Compared to the invariably courteous Trudeau, relaxed in the presence of other humans, and Mulcair, who happily holds public rallies of the NDP faithful and unfaithful, Harper sticks with his base: older, white, male, rural.

That base doesn’t photograph well. Canada is a genuinely multicultural nation. It’s almost as if Harper wants to win, but only with the votes of people he can stand. However, even those people worry about soaring house prices, lousy interest rates on savings, traffic jams from neglected infrastructure and unemployed children. Canadians are sick of this feeling of rot, this economic precariousness.

Summer polls are reliably unreliable, but Harper has walked into an electoral trap of his own making.” — The Guardian

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