Pop Culture Notebook


Leave SpongeBob Alone!

A video by Dr. Strangelove

Facebook and Visual Subversion

With the help of Intel, a new art video from Dr. Strangelove:

Ottawa Marathon May 2011

The Present and Future of Online Video: Part One

This is part one of my speech on some aspects of online video’s impact on the social order and the construction of tastes. From my speech at Video Vortex #6 in Amsterdam, March 2011.

Video Votrex Reader II: Dr. Strangelove’s Edit

This is a summary of some of the things I may be addressing in Amsterdam at the Video Vortex conference #6.

Star Trek Barbie

Model lighting design and cheesy music by Dr. Strangelove . . .

Two Main Forces of Social Change in New Media

Dr. Strangelove on the forces acting on the market and the audience:

The Stable Internet

A  lecture by Dr. Strangelove at the University of Ottawa:

Video Games and Soft Power

A lecture on video games and cultural expression by Dr. Strangelove: